Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies Visits and Events

    The Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies welcomes you to join us for our upcoming on campus visits and events.

    Please choose from the events on the calendar, and complete the registration to confirm your visit. 

    Students Traveling 100 + miles to visit PNCA:  
    Please contact the office of Graduate Admissions to claim your travel voucher. The voucher covers up $400 of travel costs. The voucher is valid for reimbursement of transportation expenses up to the amount listed and must be accompanied by copies of receipts for transportation expenses only incurred to and from campus. Travel expenses include hotel, airfare, train, bus, rental car fees and/or personal car mileage. Food will not be eligible for reimbursement. The use of airline miles/points and rental car mileage are not eligible for reimbursement. Reimbursement for personal car mileage will not exceed what an average round-trip flight would be when booking a flight two weeks prior to any given travel date from home city airport. The voucher covers actual costs for the named student only, and reimbursement will be paid to the student. Vouchers must be claimed before May 1, 2023


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